Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here Goes Nothing

I've never quite understood that english expression. Here goes nothing. I mean - I know what it means, but... why is something always going down when someone says that? 
So, Here Goes Nothing.
This blog that Adam and I started. So far a lot of "nothing" has gone here... and a lot of nothing has been going on in our studio at STARworks as well. We're busy with very creative jobs. The studio is kind of far from home. We have kids. The studio is really cold in winter. We're not motivated. Too busy to take on another full time job trying to sell our work. And we're too interested in goofing around, experimenting, playing - which means our work is sort of all over the place and happens whenever it happens...
Thats where this name "WhatNot Pottery" came from. Actually, to be precise, it came from Adam's response to Seo's e-mail, and is a result of a complex thought process - all of which took place in Adam's brilliant head in a split second a few months back. Comes out Travolta is mixed in somehow, and I must have chimed a word in somewhere, but as usual, this is too much information for my chicken brain to retain...
Branding is a complicated affair. It's like naming a baby. Right? You want to get it right the first time. It has to sound right when you roll it on your tongue... It has to be visually cohesive, catch interest, and look balanced. And it has to convey content. An empty name will come back to bite your be-hind sooner or later.
In my mind this is also a tribute to our good new friends Mark and Meredith at Whynot Pottery and establishes some connection to local tradition. 
We feel really well received in this community and love this place and the people we've met!

So, here's the start. New blog begin and whatnot...