Thursday, April 30, 2009

A bit of knitting history

SO we've been busy. 
Who is not these days...
But seriously. We've been busy. Adam has been emptying this huge settlement tank for a week - riding a bike back and forth every hour to check on the generator, working on grants and whatnot in between. I staid up till midnight last night baking bread for this meeting that I catered today.
Quiet life in Star is over I'm afraid. The "busy" has caught up with us...
We managed to run to David's last weekend and drop off a few things for the woodfiring that is going now.  Sunday is our shift. That's as much clay based activity as we're going to get for an unforeseen future I'm afraid. 
But hey, I can knit almost anywhere with hardly any tools or space needed! 
As I was geeking around on "Knitty" just a few moments ago looking for something suitable to knit for Adam's sister's BRAND NEW BABY (That's right! Today is the day!) I found this article about knitting history. It never hurts to know some knitting history!

PS! Adam decided to stop pumping the settlement pond. There were millions of little tadpoles in there... and some HUGE bullfrog babies still in the tadpole stage... People laughed at him. But I am so proud!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Contraband Salad

Mouthful of nirvana...or heaven in a salad bowl depending on your choice of transcendent religious icon.  The accompanying photo represents the first home grown salad of the year from my green thumb goddess and her garden in the parking lot.  After a day of playing assistant and tour guide to the Our State magazine photographer, I come home to this.  The anticipation of the first salad of the season combined with the fact that I hadn't eaten all day, meant that those few moments I had to wait to inhale this melange of garden goodness was sheer lovely torture.  At least I had the sanity to take the photo before it disappeared.  Lyza's mouth was watering too although you may not be able to see it through her Estonian smile. 
 If you look closely you might make out a few leaf lettuces, sorrel, oregano, cilantro, parsley, chives, and some radishes along with some other toppings.  I know you're jealous.  Well, all I can say is get out and find a local farmer and join a CSA in your area, you might come close.  Just don't tell anyone in our CSA, they don't start getting delivery for at least another week.

As for the crazy events of the weekend, I bought a motorcycle.  
It's not too crazy if you take into account that I have retained my motorcycle endorsement for 15 years sans ride waiting for this moment.  It's a 2002 Kawasaki Concours, well used but in pretty good shape.  I had to leave it in the capable hands of my friend Seo in Greenville for the week but he is bringing it to me in Chapel Hill on Friday when we go to the Mogwai concert.  Pretty exciting at least from this end, more to follow.

Sorry about rubbing my kickass salad in your face, but it really was awesome.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Old postings

Somehow I end up writing blog entries while supper is cooking (except when there is something more elaborate on the stove, that demands full attention). Last time I tried to blog I had some great thoughts piled up in the back of my head, and suddenly - dinner was ready, everybody was hungry, and I had to stop. I've decided though, to be as uncensored as I can tolerate it - and upload even the unfinished business when finally there is time.
Today has been a FULL day, after a FULL weekend (of great company, food, beer, and series of crazy events that I will allow Adam to explain at his "spare time")   with our friends, Seo and Amy - their house full of pets; Kim and her family and everyone else we ran into in Greenville. Thanks to Seo and Amy for great times and for hosting us so graciously!!!
Today... I'm dirty and sweaty and tired from moving logs and inoculating them with mushroom spawn. Adam is popping corn for our homey movie night and kids are sound asleep.
Anyway, I was supposed to just explain this last entry and now it sounds like a bad home video. 
So I better stop...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Nothings

Speaking of nothing - this blog so far has no following... i wonder how long we can keep it this way? 
I think everyone is busy reading the hundreds of blogs already out there. I used to be a compulsive journaler (I know, that's not a word, thankyouverymuch - but might as well be, since I certainly was not a journalist) and I always wrote with a reader in mind...  of course, hiding the journal and trying to keep it away from prying eyes while writing for someone else was part of the whole fun. Well, now everyone is journaling online. Blogs are a great way to organize thought, ramble, record your activities - with an exception - it's not as lonely of a path of self discovery and written his/herstory as writing a journal on a paper. You get feedback. 
So it can be a tool - for artists who are not in academic setting it can be a great way to have critical discussion...