Sunday, September 27, 2009


Despite the general lack of blogging, we have not exactly been sitting on our butts doing nothing. It's crazy busy at work right now, with the annual meeting coming up at the end of October - for instance we spent most of our saturday at work yesterday... after which there was an awesome "crab boil" party at Weezy's house:)
You can see Weezy taking a catnap on the cup below:)
These are some of the pots that came out of David's kiln a few weeks ago.
The ones with tulip drawings are made with STARwhite Cone 10 clay, which I DIG.
I think the jar below was actually in the "Martha Stewart" firing, not this last one.
I'm really happy with these tall vases.

Rainy day cup.
And another one.
Well. And since we work in a former sock factory, we have socks on our brains all the time. Adam especially. Right now he is sitting by my sewing machine(or maybe I should start calling it his sewing machine, since he spends way more time with it than I do), and getting ready to stuff more sock creatures, made of socks that came from STARworks building.
The sock creatures below were frolicking around in the woods the other day. I managed to get some snapshots before they went to bed.
These two are shameless!
Miss priss.
This guy thinks he is a super hero - look at that sparkly cape!
This one is Andreas, I think. Trouble maker.
Lyza made this camo cat.
He looks like his date didn't make it....

We sure are having fun!


  1. Thinking about having a sale (segued into bonfire and cook out)at my house the Sunday after the Core show. A friend from Georgia may come to Penland too and would bring jewelry. Would yall be interested in selling pots and socks?

  2. On second thought, lets relax and enjoy the weekend in the mountains. I forgot it is the same weekend as the Spruce Pine Potters Market, plus Niki needs to meet with a jeweler she may apprentice with. Combine all that with the energy xchange and the ecovillage and it sounds like a great trip is in the works!