Tuesday, April 13, 2010

mental breakdowns

my life is overloaded right now. many questions need to be answered, choices to be made...

as for life in WhatNot Pottery - Hitomi and Takuro were gracious to put a few of my cups in their last firing, even tho I showed up when they were bricking up the door... Thank's guys! they turned out sweet... and I packed them up this morning to attempt a first sale in a LOOOOOOONG time... but not much more to say about that now, other than I didn't take any pictures...

these are some of the latest cups with line drawings. I'm stuck on the cup format. and drawing scribble scrabble...
this weekend we're helping David fire his big ol' kiln. it may be the last firing for that mama. I think Chad and David are loading it as I write this.

Life's hard to manage - especially for those of us who are control freaks. chaos ensues.


  1. final fire of the big mama... heard that before! not if i have anything to do with it ;)

  2. hahaa. I hear you. I thought that the last one was "the last one".