Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good long weekend:)

...makes for good studio time!
Work in progress:
Some cups, vases and jars.
These drawings will be scraped clean, then sanded when dry. Long process. I seem to like the long processes...
Last finished forms. Those work great in the woodkiln. (When they don't get heavily blasted with ash.) I'm considering spraying them with dry glaze, or colored slip for a more uniform color and firing in gas... Building these with coils, then scraping the surfaces "clean" is another one of those long processes. I guess I just like to spend more time with each piece... maybe that explains my lack of enthusiasm on the selling part too...

So anyways. Life's really busy right now. I have not had time to plow through the depths of internet looking at other people's cool stuff in ages... gardens are growing... kids are growing up...
oi elu.

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