Thursday, September 2, 2010

The in's and out's of setting up a business.

So. Maybe I'm impatient... but in trying to set up our business in NC I seem to be running into snags that are caused by insufficient information. (MAYBE it's just that I think simple things into complicated things... as a matter of fact - I'm sure of it. Have noticed tendencies of that before!)
So I thought to record the steps taken, in case it may be helpful to someone in the future. AND to record for our own reference. It's all too easy to forget, as soon as something is resolved.

So, the question of registering a business has been the #1 issue so far. I read from NC Department of Commerce website that:
To file your Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership business name, download the Certificate of Assumed Name. Assumed Name forms are filed with the County Register of Deeds. There is no statewide name registration for Sole Proprietorships or General Partnerships, that is why you must file your name in each county you conduct business.
So, it states pretty clearly, that you need to file in each county where you will sell. (however, when I asked in the Register of Deed's office in Troy where I should file, no one could give me a clear answer. "maybe in your county of residence?") Well, here's where I did some over-thinking - it really is as simple as that - IN THE COUNTY where you plan to SELL.
Sounds like a pain in the butt, especially if you are doing shows all over the place... And it kind of is, even though it is sort of logical too considering that most likely one will not sell work in EVERY county of every state. It just means - more planning, thinking ahead and preparations are required. The registering itself is a piece of cake - You can print the Certificate of Assumed Name from the Dep. of Commerce website, fill it in, get it notarized and take it to the Register of Deeds of the county you wish to file=sell in. There is a modest fee. (I will see next if it can be mailed)
I still think it would be great if this could be done statewide in one step... Oh well.
SO. This morning I took a trip to Asheboro, and filed the Blue Hen Pottery registration form in Randolph County:) It took only a few minutes.

What's next?
Tax ID #.

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  1. Guess we're both on a learning curve! I didn't know any of this. Thanks for blogging about it!