Monday, June 22, 2009

All is well

Despite the silence on this page, WhatNot Pottery has been alive and kicking. Our garage/studio has been filled with scrap wood, sawdust and tools scattered about for quite a few weeks. Well, now the results of this mess - the chicken coop - is finally up and functioning (see LOBRI ) and yesterday I spent a bit of time finishing a few pieces that were started in the middleages... at least about 5 months ago... We've also spend a few saturdays in the NC Pottery Center, where we sometimes stand in for our friend Chad Brown, and I've made a bunch of tumblers and mugs, and Adam made a bunch of plates that his friends Emily, Joey and Trace will draw on. I'm starting to wake up again with thoughts of clay every now and then. I'm taking that as a good sign. But then there is also the hairpin lace to make, and some socks and a sweater to be knit...

Anyway. No big words of wisdom today. Just wanted to let you know we're still alive.

We spotted those flowers by our pond when Amy and Kim were visiting. 
Breakfast of Champions. We eat like that. Yeah. Every weekend!

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