Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fire in the Disco... Fire in the Taco Bell

I just checked the Electric 6 "Danger! High voltage" lyrics, and it's supposed to be "fire in the disco! fire in the tacobill!" but I swear it sounds like Taco Bell. And I like it better that way...
So, this weekend we had some serious fire to deal with. Adam and I stoked David Stuempfle's 
kiln on sunday while he and Tim Ayers were trying to rest up a bit. When we got there, David thought we would almost finish up the firing with our shift... We did take the kiln quite a bit farther, but had to leave about 3pm for our landlady's birthday party, and heard a few days later, that David, Tim and Chad Brown were firing till monday morning!!!!! We have not gotten a first hand account from David himself yet, but Nancy told a funny story about Chad sleeping on the couch - sitting up - ignoring Gustav's ferocious barking...

For lunch on Sunday Nancy whipped up her Fancy Ramen noodle soup for us! It's become the staple and we always look forward to it!

Keeping with the WhatNot... What to knot or not to knot...

Adams brother Clint and his girlfriend Serena visited this weekend also, which added to the flurry of activities... we spent a few hours at work watching  Nick and Steve-O blow glass. Nick also let Andreas and Lyza blow some bubbles...


  1. noodle is always only too awesome.

  2. noodle's'good.
    Same with bamboo shoots and mizuna!