Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art in Estonia. Part 1.

While in Estonia, we popped in quite a few galleries in Tallinn, the capital city. Art galleries are around every corner there, and the show turnover is constant. I remember that during my studies in Estonian Academy of Art we had often several openings a week to attend, and since most openings offered snack foods and beer or wine - it provided poor and always hungry art students with semi reliable high class creative fuel...
In one of the galleries - and I apologize here for forgetting the name of it - we discovered some really beautiful "stuff". Comes out - the artist is Jaanus Orgusaar - who I shared some art school time with. He was in the fashion department, and mainly known for the shoes and boots that he made... anyway. Check out his website, and enjoy the pix here. I think he is quite brilliant and wonderfully playful.

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