Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm having the clay blues...
it's predictable. never have I been able to stay away too long. still startling too. I was fed up with the "art industry's" conveyer belt. felt like it's too much to deal with (and still I've no desire to put energy into selling myself). yet suddenly there is a desire to wrestle with ideas again...
I've been popping in to Mel Robsons blog every now and then (pretty sure Seo pointed it out to me) - I love that woman's work!!!!! and today I discovered someone else there, whose work made me drool and green with envy... Vicky Grima's delicious pinched porcelain pots... You can find her blog and an awesome slide show of European ceramics/potters/landscapes in this slideshow.

well. Maarja and I did go to NC Pottery Center last Saturday and I threw some StarWhite 10 - cups, and lidded jars, so tonight I will come to studio at work, and finish them all. other than that WhatNot Pottery has been sort of hibernating. knitting and spinning yarn... making stupid sock creatures and Sculpey jewellery. its all a lot of fun, but far from giving us reason to call ourselves a "pottery". maybe we should be called a "WhatNot Group"...


  1. Yes, Anne. We love your claywork. I just showed some of your work during my first day of survey class!

  2. Thank you Seo. That means a lot to me... I've been so out of it... too concerned with hat comes after making I guess, so it's been keeping me away. we had a great time in the studio last night, listening to The Orb, slipping some good beer and trimming cups that I hope to get in David's firing next week. Should do it more often.