Monday, February 15, 2010

Making progress...

Here's a very gritty picture of the studio space that Adam and I carved out of our garage this Sunday! We had a great day working together! I love working with Adam - somehow we don't usually get in each others way, we cooperate well and share work - there isn't a huge amount of discussion even - we often think the same thing at the same time... so - great weekend - a bit of beer, some public radio in the background, and a bunch of stuff got moved around.
I'm still not sure if I want to switch the position of the table and shelf ... but it will work to begin with. The empty space on the left will house our wheel. We bought some more of STARworks White cone 10 clay last week, and we'll be ready to rock'n'roll this week... I think.
After last post here, I took a thermometer to the garage, to see just HOW cold it is there, and it's been steadily around 40 - 45 F. On sunny days we can open up the garage and it will help greatly in warming the space. Right now a tiny but efficient electric heater will have to do. SO - I'm about to eat my words, and start working in the 40's F...

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