Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh, boy. An update is long overdue. It's that time of the year when Adam is spending most of his time containing leaks in our old building at STARworks, and I'm trying to plan out the next growing season etc. I find that I'm spending most of my time these days communicating and trying to connect all the different sources of communication. Like linking up blogs with FB and trying to put FB links up on blogs... We really are living in communication age - whether this type of communication is deep enough to sustain us - is yet to be seen.
So, what's been going on here at WhatNot Pottery recently?

Some snow sculpture making...
Some spinning...
Some more spinning...
and MORE spinning...
and, oh, did I say I've been spinning?
Sorry to bombard you with all those haunting images of yarn - can you tell where my interests are these days?
There's been a bit of knitting also - this scarf - spun the yarn myself - is my first lace knitting, and will be shipped to my mom soon!
And Adam - SURPRISE! - has been making more sock people. I think they are adorable. They went on a little frolicking out in the snow yesterday and I quickly took a few pix. Didn't get them all (believe me, they are taking over the house!) as I got my toes wet and cold chasing them in the yard...
This guy has a brother. He's hiding behind the tree.
These guys are brothers too. Looking hopefully into the future...
I did make a quick round in the studio at work today, and realized we're out of clay, so I guess we HAVE BEEN making SOME things here and there... shelves are full of plates, cups and platters that need to be fired... oh I wish I had a little bourry box wood salt kiln!
But mostly it's been too cold at work and in the garage at home. I read other potters blogs occasionally (the list is extensive, so takes longer to go through it these days) like Gary Rith's and Sophia's Dad's blog - and those guys - talking about their studio temps being in the 40's and they're working in there?! Screw that I say. I once used to do that... Now I just opt to spin in the comfort of my living room while waiting for the cold to get the heck out of here, so I can open the garage door and let some light and air in there! Why is that the people from north become such vussies about cold after moving to south? I don't get it. But it's happened.


  1. Good to see you! It's kind of like A.Goldsworthy time! By the way, does FB stand for FastBike....? j/k :)

  2. I love that scarf!! And the sock people are fun too!