Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy days in the studio...

...and otherwise. School is starting up for kids on the 25'th. Kind of looking forward to more structured daily plans... and dreading it. Adam and I've been busy in the studio making plates and drawing on them, I'm making covered jars, bowls, and cups. Adam throws the plates and usually I draw on them. Keeping the repertoire simple.

Some more pix from last firings at Dwights.
Chicken and carrots - that already found a home.
Fancy dog bowl :)


  1. These are GREAT. What clay are you using. Love the drawings.

  2. Lovely! The dog looks like Snow.... :)

  3. great chicken and carrots and the dog bowl, also curious on the clay?

  4. The clay body. on all of these - Loafers Glory from Highwater. SO far - a total favorite. I like that it throws like porcelain, but has a bit more tooth, and depending on reduction can get some really nice color. In David's kiln anywhere from smokey gray with purple (very rare) to nice tans and bright orange. We haven't done much reduction in Dwight's gas kiln, and it has been quite white. However, I am a sucker for "mixing it up" - I also like Orangestone a lot and the inbetweens - like Phoenix. Lately we try to use more local clays that Takuro makes, the newest "grogewemee" (not spelled correctly I'm afraid)... playing with that now. Thanks guys for checking in!!!