Thursday, August 26, 2010


As the summer changes into fall, things at WhatNot Pottery are about to change as well.
The first and probably the most important change that has already taken place is the name change... May the earth be light upon you, "WhatNot Pottery"... we will keep you in the back of our minds, as - who knows where our ramblings taketh us or where our work ends up... You may become useful still...
After weeks or agonizing, brain crunching and finding out that all good names are already out there, in the world, doing their thing, TAKEN by somebody else, we decided to go with something somewhat traditional.


From now on, we will operate under the name "Blue Hen Pottery"... That is, if it will be officially accepted by the authorities. So, just putting it out there. Anyone who has objections, please raise your voice. Anyone who thinks this is a good honest name, we'd love to get feedback.
Why Blue Hen Pottery? - you may ask. Well, we live on a Blue Hen Lane with a handful of hens, none of whom are blue at the moment, however, one of them lays them blue eggs... Blue hens actually do exist . We've considered raising some here at the compound. Not for cock-fighting!!!
Blue Hen will also offer us a cute little stamp and a logo, which I'm excited about.

Other changes include officially registering the business, getting a tax ID #, keeping track of all those receipts that pile up and tend to get lost... participating in some sales and shows (more about that once we know for sure which)... I'm planning to go back to school as well - MCC offers classes on running a business - I really need some edumacation on that... and yeah, between all this rapidly increasing paperwork'n'all we will try to keep busy in the studio/workshop/garage. On top of - kids being back to school and dance lessons, and the ever growing mountains of work at STARworks.

Not to brag, but...
I'm super psyched about getting into The 2'nd Annual National Cup Show at Barret Clay Works.
It's been a while since my last juried show, it feels good to get back on track!

SO. now we have to either change the name on this blog... or start a new one... suggestions?


  1. I love the name! It works so well with your life and where you are living- I think it is terrific!
    It will make for a great logo and people will certainly remember it.

  2. two thumbs up--one for the name, one for the show!

  3. Love the name!! We'll be in the show together, v. cool.

  4. Excellent name! I just came up with the name for mine, so I changed the banner at the top of the page and just kept the blog address the same - a lot easier!

  5. Anne, great name! I'd definitely change the blog as well, maybe even consider registering the url. is still available. I checked :-) Also, look into It's a great blogging platform, and much more flexible than blogger. Congrats on the show too!

  6. Tom, you willing to tutor me on this url registering business? :)
    I'll look into posterous too, I know wordpress is pretty good also, and would allow updates from my phone...

    Thanks everyone for encouraging words!