Thursday, April 30, 2009

A bit of knitting history

SO we've been busy. 
Who is not these days...
But seriously. We've been busy. Adam has been emptying this huge settlement tank for a week - riding a bike back and forth every hour to check on the generator, working on grants and whatnot in between. I staid up till midnight last night baking bread for this meeting that I catered today.
Quiet life in Star is over I'm afraid. The "busy" has caught up with us...
We managed to run to David's last weekend and drop off a few things for the woodfiring that is going now.  Sunday is our shift. That's as much clay based activity as we're going to get for an unforeseen future I'm afraid. 
But hey, I can knit almost anywhere with hardly any tools or space needed! 
As I was geeking around on "Knitty" just a few moments ago looking for something suitable to knit for Adam's sister's BRAND NEW BABY (That's right! Today is the day!) I found this article about knitting history. It never hurts to know some knitting history!

PS! Adam decided to stop pumping the settlement pond. There were millions of little tadpoles in there... and some HUGE bullfrog babies still in the tadpole stage... People laughed at him. But I am so proud!


  1. so no more skatepark?

  2. Amy and I are proud, too:)

  3. hell yeah for a skate park!
    We're waiting for the froggies to grow some legs and hop all out, and then comes the killer skate park!
    Good to see Amy here too! jepee!