Monday, April 20, 2009

Old postings

Somehow I end up writing blog entries while supper is cooking (except when there is something more elaborate on the stove, that demands full attention). Last time I tried to blog I had some great thoughts piled up in the back of my head, and suddenly - dinner was ready, everybody was hungry, and I had to stop. I've decided though, to be as uncensored as I can tolerate it - and upload even the unfinished business when finally there is time.
Today has been a FULL day, after a FULL weekend (of great company, food, beer, and series of crazy events that I will allow Adam to explain at his "spare time")   with our friends, Seo and Amy - their house full of pets; Kim and her family and everyone else we ran into in Greenville. Thanks to Seo and Amy for great times and for hosting us so graciously!!!
Today... I'm dirty and sweaty and tired from moving logs and inoculating them with mushroom spawn. Adam is popping corn for our homey movie night and kids are sound asleep.
Anyway, I was supposed to just explain this last entry and now it sounds like a bad home video. 
So I better stop...

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  1. It was so awesome to have you guys with us, as always!!!